Stress Reliever Games

When tension mounts and frustration builds, it’s a sure sign of stress. Playing a stress relieving game relaxes you and is a good way to win over stress! The trick to stress reliever games is to play ones you can win easily. What you want to do is show yourself that you can be successful. After you get a few “wins” under your belt, frequently you’ll see your original problem in a new perspective.

Computer Games
From pounding a ground hog to batting a tennis ball, there are tons of flash games on the web and best of all, most are free to play! The best way to load up your anti-stress arsenal is to do a simple search for “Free Flash Games” or “Flash Games” and bookmark a few of them in your favorites. You can also play free (or paid) game on your smartphone or tablet by downloading the game app to your device.

Off-line Stress-busting Games
If you’re sitting all day at a computer, sometimes the best break is to get up and walk away. Here are a few games that are easy to keep on hand and excellent for helping you reduce your stress:

  1. Got a deck of cards? Play a quick game of solitaire the old-fashioned way! Along with your deck, you might consider purchasing a book of Solitaire games. Many books are specially published for Solitaire players and offer hundreds of games and game variations.
  2. Rubik’s Cube – Here’s a tip: Anyone can match up one side of a Rubik’s cube. Although trying to solve the whole puzzle can be stressful in itself, the few minutes it takes to match up the blocks on one side can help you quickly reduce your stress.
  3. Slinky – Just bouncing a slinky back and forth from hand to hand puts your focus on the toy and takes it away from your problem. So bounce your slinky, take a few deep breaths, and relax!
  4. Punch balls – Okay, they’re not a game, but they can be a great stress reliever and they’re sure a better choice than hitting a wall or kicking the side of your desk when stress sets in! You can find cheap punch balls in toy departments, novelty stores, and most dollar stores.
  5. Darts – Whether you’re hitting a target or targeting a photo, the physical motion of throwing the darts in itself will help reduce your stress. Dart balls stick to a Velcro board. They won’t hurt you or your neighbor – if you miss!
  6. Crossword Puzzles –Many crossword puzzle books also include word-find games, mazes, and other pencil puzzles. Buy some that have puzzles that range from easy to hard and tackle them according to your mood and your stress level!

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